A Gift for Guile

Title : A Gift for Guile
Author : Alissa Johnson
Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN 13 : 9781492620549
Date : 2016-07-05

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She's a liar. She's a con. She's a thief. And God help him, but he'll do anything to keep her safe. Beautiful and conniving, maddening and brilliant, Esther is everything private detective Samuel Brass shouldn't want. Esther knows she's put herself in terrible danger, but nothing will stop her from making amends-not her family's enemies, not old fears, and certainly not the domineering, interfering, and undeniably handsome former officer of the Scotland Yard. Yet whenever he's near, Samuel makes her long for a life that can never be hers...and wish she were worthy of being saved. Second in an exciting late Victorian romance series from a RITA Award nominee! Thief Takers Series: A Talent for Trickery, Book 1 A Gift for Guile, Book 2 Dangerous Deceit, Coming Soon "From the first page, Johnson seizes readers' attention... Losing none of her witty dialogue or clever plotting, she pulls readers this way and that as the story swiftly turns from suspense to romance and back again."-RT Book Reviews on A Talent for Trickery


Title : Guile
Author : Constance Cooper
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN 13 : 9780544451735
Date : 2016-03-01

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Yonie Watereye lives in the bayou. The water there is full of guile, a power that changes people and objects. Yonie, 16, makes a living investigating objects affected by guile, but in fact it’s her talking cat, LaRue, who has the power to see guile. Yonie becomes aware that someone is sending harmful guile-changed objects to certain people, including herself. Her investigation becomes entwined with her hunt for the secrets of her mother’s past and leads her to discover dangers hidden within her own family. In the suspenseful adventure that follows, Yonie and her furry sidekick face challenges that could end their adventuring forever.

Age and Guile Beat Youth Innocence and a Bad Haircut

Title : Age and Guile Beat Youth Innocence and a Bad Haircut
Author : P. J. O'Rourke
Publisher : Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN 13 : 1555847064
Date : 2007-12-01

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Readers may be shocked to discover that America's most provocative (and conservative) satirist, P. J. O'Rourke, was at one time a raving pinko, with scars on his formerly bleeding heart to prove it. In Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut, O'Rourke chronicles the remarkable trajectory that took him from the lighthearted fun of the revolutionary barricades to the serious business of the nineteenth hole. How did the O'Rourke of 1970, who summarized the world of "grown-ups" as "materialism, sexual hang-ups, the Republican party, uncomfortable clothes, engagement rings, car accidents, Pat Boone, competition, patriotism, cheating, lying, ranch houses, and TV" come to be in favor of all of those things? What causes a beatnik-hippie type, comfortable sleeping on dirty mattresses in pot-addled communes - as P. J. did when he was a writer for assorted "underground" papers-to metamorphosize into a right-wing middle-aged grouch? Here, P. J. shows how his Socialist idealism and avant-garde aesthetic tendencies were cured and how he acquired a healthy and commendable interest in national defense, the balanced budget, Porsches, and Cohiba cigars. P. J. O'Rourke's message is that there's hope for all those suffering from acute Bohemianism, or as he puts it, "Pull your pants up, turn your hat around, and get a job." "From the fictionalized accounts of his career as a hard-drinking hippie to the Benchley-in-the-age-of-macho lampoon of fly fishing, Mr. O'Rourke shows an incorrigible comic gift and an eye for detail that keeps the wild stuff grounded." - The New York Times Book Review

The Knowledge Economy and Lifelong Learning

Title : The Knowledge Economy and Lifelong Learning
Author : D.W. Livingstone
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN 13 : 9789460919152
Date : 2012-09-07

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This book presents some of the most trenchant critical analyses of the widespread claims for the recent emergence of a knowledge economy and the attendant need for greater lifelong learning. The book contains two sections: first, general critiques of the limits of current notions of a knowledge economy and required adult learning, in terms of historical comparisons, socio-political construction and current empirical evidence; secondly, specific challenges to presumed relations between work requirements and learning through case studies in diverse current workplaces that document richer learning processes than knowledge economy advocates intimate. Many of the leading authors in the field are represented. There are no other books to date that both critically assess the limits of the notion of the knowledge economy and examine closely the relation of workplace restructuring to lifelong learning beyond the confines of formal higher education and related educational policies. This reader provides a distinctive overview for future studies of relations between work and learning in contemporary societies beyond caricatures of the knowledge economy. The book should be of interest to students following undergraduate or postgraduate courses in most social sciences and education, business and labour studies departments, as well as to policy makers and the general public concerned about economic change and lifelong learning issues. D. W. Livingstone is Canada Research Chair in Lifelong Learning and Work and Professor Emeritus at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. David Guile is Professor of Education and Work at the Institute of Education, University of London.

Not by Strength by Guile

Title : Not by Strength by Guile
Author : Peter Mercer
Publisher :
ISBN 13 : 1857824717
Date : 2001-06-01

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Pete Mercer was a member of the toughest regiment there is - the Special Boatervice. He was part of dangerous operations that not even the SAS couldandle, in the most difficult conditions imaginable. This book tells of hisensational experiences.

Melodious Guile

Title : Melodious Guile
Author : John Hollander
Publisher : Yale University Press
ISBN 13 : 0300049048
Date : 1990-07-01

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Demonstrating a poet's imaginative ear and a critic's range of concern, John Hollander here writes about the "melodious guile" with which poetry speaks to us. Through analysis of formal and rhetorical patterns in examples chosen from the whole spectrum of English and American poetry, Hollander describes how poems frame self'reflexive parables in order to represent realms beyond themselves. "John Hollander, himself a fine poet, is such a generalist; and Melodious Guile, to my mind the best of his critical books, takes its place-along with Donald Davie's Articulate Energy and Winifred Nowottny's The Language Poets Use-among the very few enjoyable and enriching studies of how poetry works."-Alastair Fowler, London Review of Books

The Lawyers Reports Annotated Book 1 70

Title : The Lawyers Reports Annotated Book 1 70
Author :
Publisher :
ISBN 13 : MINN:31951D03281185Y
Date : 1905

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has been writing in one form or another for most of his life. You can find so many inspiration from The Lawyers Reports Annotated Book 1 70 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Lawyers Reports Annotated Book 1 70 book for free.

Pumpkin Party

Title : Pumpkin Party
Author : Maudie Powell-Tuck
Publisher :
ISBN 13 : 1589252063
Date : 2015-09-01

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Pumpkins ready, pumpkins set. Bob for apples -- don't get wet! Follow along with Owl, Fox, Mouse, and other friends as they celebrate Halloween by dancing, bobbing for apples, and trick-or-treating in pumpkin costumes! This happy rhyme is a perfect Halloween treat.

Practically Wicked

Title : Practically Wicked
Author : Alissa Johnson
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN 13 : 9781101611494
Date : 2012-10-02

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For some, virtue is a vice As the illegitimate daughter of a scandalous woman, Miss Anna Rees is almost as well known for having been raised in the hedonistic demimonde as she is for her quiet nature. Anna longs to leave behind her mother’s world of courtesans…until she unexpectedly meets the handsome, charming and decidedly wicked Lord Dane. If only she could convince him to join her in search of respectability. . . For him, vice is a virtue Viscount Maximilian Dane is perfectly content being a rake. After years of obeying the dictates of proper society--with disastrous results--he stopped following the ton’s ridiculous rules, and he sees no reason to begin courting respectability anew. Except that it may be the only way for him to win the lovely and fascinating Miss Anna Rees—if only he could convince her that the grass is greener on the wicked side of the fence. . .

Lawyers Reports Annotated

Title : Lawyers Reports Annotated
Author :
Publisher :
ISBN 13 : OSU:32437121065771
Date : 1915

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has been writing in one form or another for most of his life. You can find so many inspiration from Lawyers Reports Annotated also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lawyers Reports Annotated book for free.